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Usually, CDR Report takes about three weeks to be completed and delivered.

• Your up-to-date passport size photograph
• Bio page of Identity proof
• English language score document
• Degree Certificate
• Certified Academic Transcripts
• Three career Episodes Report
• Summary Statement Report
• Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Report
• CV-Resume Report

Yes, Academic Projects are essential for CDR preparation. You can submit your Academic projects done during your professional studies as a career episode Report.

Yes, you can submit your employment reference letter if you have a relevant work experience of one or more years and if you used the projects from CDR Report based on the experience.

Yes, it is essential to provide evidence for the English language test while applying for the CDR migration skill assessment.

Yes, payment should be made on an installment basis, for more details do not hesitate to contact our customer support service.

No, you can talk with them through email; or webchat.

Our service is valid for no more than three years.

Sorry, there is no such policy once you agree to pay for our service.

No, work Experience is not mandatory. Competencies can be evaluated based on undergraduate qualifications, and your academic projects can be used for drafting the Career episodes Report.


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