ANZSCO 233111 Chemical Engineer CDR Report Sample

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ANZSCO 233111 Chemical Engineer CDR Report Sample

ANZSCO 233112 Materials Engineer CDR Report Sample

A chemical engineer is responsible for performing the vital tasks of researching, planning, analyzing, creating, and implementing effective measures to manufacture chemicals, drugs, synthetics, fuels, food, and a wide range of other products. They are also accountable for creating safety procedures while handling the lethal chemicals and conducting routine tests throughout the operation.

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CDR Report Sample Structure for ANZSCO 233111

A Competency Demonstration Report Sample for the Chemical Engineer should incorporate all the crucial components, which include the Curriculum Vitae, Three Career Episodes, Continuing Professional Development, and finally, the Summary Statement: 

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The applicant's resume should be the most recent one and be based on a formal layout.

cpd (3).png
Continuing Professional DEvelopment(CPD)

The CPD sample should clarify the author’s Engineering Knowledge, including their professional courses, non-professional courses, and private studies, in around 1000 words.

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Chemical Engineer Summary Statement Sample

The summary statement comprises a detailed explanation of all the competency elements in 1040 words.

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Chemical Engineer Summary Statement Sample – 1

The career episode report sample 1 comprises around 1500 words on the project based on “Designing and Modelling of Horizontal Coalescer” or any other relevant project details.

2 (2).png
Chemical Engineer Career Episode Report Sample – 2

The career episode report sample 2 should describe the project on “Reusing Lubricant Oil after Purification” or any relevant project in around 2000 words.

3 (2).png
Chemical Engineer Career Episode Report Sample – 3

The length of career sample 3 can be around 1400 words on “Developing Tabulation of Additive Consumption in the Extruder Section and Optimizing it” or any other relevant project.

Chemical Engineer Career Episode Samples

The career episode samples should comply with your recent work experience and should be in the English language. Each episode should be as follows:’


Chemical Engineer Career Episode Sample 1

✔️     Project Name: Designing and Modelling of Horizontal Coalescer The first career episode explains in detail the project based on “Designing and Modelling of Horizontal Coalescer” performed by the creator while pursuing their Bachelor of Technology program in Chemical Engineering. The responsibility performed are listed as follows:

✔️     Analyzing the traditional systems and finding out the sequential criteria for the design.

✔️     Identifying the correct sizing of the proposed separator

✔️     Managing the separator’s sizing to accomplish the physical layout with integral component selection

✔️     Researching and implementing the chemical and biological treatment for the design

✔️     Analyzing the method for the creation of the system


Chemical Engineer Career Episode Sample 2

✔️     Project Name: Reusing Lubricant Oil after Purification The second Career Episode of the report talks about the author's project during their undergraduate program. The responsibilities and duties during the project “Reusing Lubricant Oil after Purification” was: 

✔️     Researching the best method of purification of the used lubricating oil from various available approaches

✔️     Experimenting with the purification of the used lubricating oil collected from various automobiles

✔️     Positioning and endeavoring the new machines

✔️     Drawing an illustrative diagram of purifying procedure of the used lubricating oil

✔️     Performing the chemical and physical tests of purified lubricating oil and inspecting the outcome in contrast with the used lubricant oil

✔️     Analyzing and adding the relevant ingredients in lubricant oil

✔️     Evaluating the economy and the cost of refurbishing a purifying plant.


Chemical Engineer Career Episode Sample 3

Project Name: Developing Tabulation of Additive Consumption in the Extruder Section and Optimizing it The third Career Episode of the CDR report explains the project titled “Developing Tabulation of Additive Consumption in the Extruder Section and Optimizing it”, which the author performed during their undergraduate study. The responsibilities and duties are listed below: 

✔️     Researching and learning the various procedures included in an oil refinery

✔️     Evaluating the petrochemical materials and the process of manufacturing

✔️     Studying and analyzing the Naphtha cracker and other operations involved in the refinery

✔️     Examining the alliance between the refinery and naphtha complex

✔️     Inspecting the chemical materials used for the refinery


Skills Assessment Requirement

The skills for this profession in this unit group are required to have a level of talent equivalent to a bachelor's degree or even higher. Exceptionally on-the-job training might be necessary for addition to the formal requisite (ANZSCO Skill Level 1). For instance, at least five years of relevant experience with an appropriate official approval certification may substitute for the conventional qualification.


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