ANZSCO 233512 Mechanical Engineer CDR Report Sample

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ANZSCO 233512 Mechanical Engineer CDR Report Sample

ANZSCO 233512 Mechanical Engineer CDR Report Sample

Industrial, Mechanical, and Production Engineers are involved in the construction, operation, logistics, and maintenance of mechanical and process plants. Industrial, Mechanical, and Production Engineers ensure the usage of resources is cost-effective. Industrial, Mechanical, and Production Engineer install and establishes programs to coordinate manufacturing activities.  

The Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) report for Mechanical Engineers is crucial in determining whether the applicants can acquire their VISA regarding skilled migrations within Australia. You can rely on CDRskillassessment to get a 100% certified and EA-approved CDR Samples report for Engineering in Australia, including Mechanical Engineers. Our writers are highly skilled and can offer the most satisfactory CDR reports. The sample present on our website is simply a template and is not for copying. Copying the sample can get your report rejected, and hence we request you to Kindly use the sample as a reference and not duplicate it.

CDR Report Sample Structure for ANZSCO 233512

A Competency Demonstration Report Sample for the Mechanical Engineer should incorporate all the crucial components, which include the Curriculum Vitae, Three Career Episodes, Continuing Professional Development, and finally, the Summary Statement: 

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The resume should be the most recent and based on a professional template.

cpd (3).png
Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The CPD sample should clarify the author’s Engineering Knowledge, including their professional courses, non-professional courses, and private studies, in around 1100 words.

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Mechanical Engineer Summary Statement Sample

The summary statement comprises a detailed explanation of all the competency elements in 1040 words. 

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Mechanical Engineer Career Episode Report Sample – 1

The career episode report sample 1 comprises around 1500 words on the project based on “Designing and Modelling of Horizontal Coalescer” or any other relevant project details.

2 (2).png
Mechanical Engineer Career Episode Report Sample – 2

The career episode report sample 2 should describe the project on “Reusing Lubricant Oil after Purification” or any relevant project in around 1980 words.

3 (2).png
Mechanical Engineer Career Episode Report Sample – 3

The length of career sample 3 can be around 1580 words on “Developing Tabulation of Additive Consumption in the Extruder Section and Optimizing it” or any other relevant project.

Mechanical Engineer Career Episode Samples

The career episode samples should comply with your recent work experience and should be in the English language. Each episode should be as follows:


Mechanical Engineer Career Episode Sample 1

Project Name: “Design of The Latent Heat Thermal Storage ( LHTS ) Unit” In the first career episode, the author describes the project he did when he was pursuing his Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) in Mechanical Engineering. This career episode is based on his graduation project named; the design of the Latent heat thermal storage (LHTS) unit. During the time, the responsibilities of the author were to:

✔️     Develop the 3D CAD Model of the LHTS unit.

✔️     Perform initial sizing calculation.

✔️     Purchase PCM materials and Raw materials such as Copper tubes, Aluminum sheets with different thicknesses for shell

✔️     Perform charging and discharging experiments and noted data using a Data logger


Mechanical Engineer Career Episode Sample 2

Project Name: “Design combine cycle of the power plant.” In this Career Episode, the applicants describe the engineering skills acquired when working as Mechanical Engineers. The roles and responsibilities performed by the candidate in the project “Design combine cycle of the power plant” are:

✔️     Design combined cycle power plant as per the specification

✔️     Define the component sizing and design criteria of different additional types of equipment

✔️     Develop tools to perform additional activities

✔️     Overview of the site and different prerequisites

✔️     Explore commercial tools

Mechanical Engineer Career Episode Sample 3

Project Name: Designing of HVAC System, plumbing system, and firefighting system in Samsung Naffora Techno Valley Building In the first Career Episode, the author describe his work in the project he carried out at the Assystem Radicon engineering consultant from 15th October 2008 to 20th April 2009. The name of the project was “Designing of HVAC System, plumbing system and firefighting system in Samsung Naffora Techno Valley Building” and his responsibilities were:

✔️     To conduct a site survey regarding the installation of HVAC and record several observations such as designing of HVAC, layouts of firefighting, and so on, obtained from the survey.

✔️     To assemble all the major parts of the procedure to be carried out in the project and develop an orderly managed chart of methodology which showed the precise activities of the procedure with key phrases.

✔️     Select all the equipment of HVAC with the use of the Vendor Catalogue and calculate the parameters to be included in the design of HVAC such as calculations of load, calculations of plumbing, and so on using the Elite software.

✔️     To design the precise model for the project i.e. HVAC plans, segments, schedule of equipment, supply of water, enlarged layouts, plans of protecting fire, isometrics of supply of water and drainage, and so on.

✔️     To analyze the prepared design, drawings, models, and so on for the project to check if there were any faults in the design which could later impact the project at the time of implementation.

✔️     To prepare the report of the project that was prepared as a design basis report for HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection after which the conclusion of the project was given with the best solution of design.


Skills Assessment Requirement

The skills for this profession in this unit group are required to have a level of talent equivalent to a bachelor's degree or even higher. Exceptionally on-the-job training might be necessary for addition to the formal requisite (ANZSCO Skill Level 1). For instance, at least five years of relevant experience with an appropriate official approval certification may substitute for the conventional qualification.



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