ANZSCO 233411 Electronics Engineer CDR Report Sample

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ANZSCO 233411 Electronics Engineer CDR Report Sample

ANZSCO 233411 Electronics Engineer CDR Report Sample

Electronic engineer develops and maintains electronic components and system used in communication and warfare systems with various other industrial applications. Electronic engineers develop, design, install and test electronic circuits and systems used in computer, command, entertainment, transport, and other industrial sectors.  

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CDR Report Sample Structure for ANZSCO 233411

A Competency Demonstration Report Sample for the Electronics Engineer should incorporate all the crucial components, which include the Curriculum Vitae, Three Career Episodes, Continuing Professional Development, and finally, the Summary Statement:

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The resume should be the most recent and based on a professional template.

cpd (3).png
Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The CPD sample should clarify the author’s Engineering Knowledge, including their professional courses, non-professional courses, and private studies, in around 1100 words.

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Electronics Engineer Summary Statement Sample

The summary statement comprises a detailed explanation of all the competency elements in 1040 words. 

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Electronics Engineer Career Episode Report Sample – 1

The career episode report sample 1 comprises around 1600 words on the project based on “Designing and Modelling of Horizontal Coalescer” or any other relevant project details.

2 (2).png
Electronics Engineer Career Episode Report Sample – 2

The career episode report sample 2 should describe the project on “Reusing Lubricant Oil after Purification” or any relevant project in around 2050 words.

3 (2).png
Electronics Engineer Career Episode Report Sample – 3

The length of the career sample 3 can be around 1480 words on “Developing Tabulation of Additive Consumption in the Extruder Section and Optimizing it” or any other relevant project.

Electronics Engineer Career Episode Samples

The career episode samples should comply with your recent work experience and should be in the English language. Each episode should be as follows: 


Electronics Engineer Career Episode Sample 1

Project Name: “Vehicle Speed Acquisition System” In the first career episode, the author describes the project “Vehicle Speed Acquisition System”. The responsibilities of the author were to:

✔️     Understand the basic structure of the proposed system.

✔️     Collect the necessary details from different resources and define key terminologies of the project.

✔️     Prepare several charts related to the topic to analyze the data carefully.

✔️     Prepare a block diagram of the proposed speed controller.

✔️     Research methodology to execute the task.

✔️     Document daily progress reports and project reports and also control every phase of the project.


Electronics Engineer Career Episode Sample 2

Project Name: “Smart Security Surveillance System using RF Transceiver” In the second career episode, the author explains the engineering skills he used when he was pursuing a Bachelor of Electronics and Communication. During this time his duties and responsibilities in the project were:

✔️     Analysis of the mobile application development platforms available for coding the android devices and their integration capacities with other electronic systems

✔️     Design of the home security system to monitor database

✔️     Specification of security system network nodes requirements

✔️     Modeling of computer simulations for performance analysis of the designed system


Electronics Engineer Career Episode Sample 3

Project Name: “An effective use of various Gates and implementing adder” This is the third Career Episode; the candidates explain their engineering skills when they worked as Electronics Engineer. The primary roles and responsibilities in the project “An effective use of various Gate and implementing adder” were:

✔️     Gathering information through various books and the internet

✔️     Perform a literature review for the better understanding

✔️     Troubleshooting the technical matters

✔️     Quality check on work operations

✔️     Prepare documentation, presentation, and reports


Skills Assessment Requirement

The skills for this profession in this unit group are required to have a level of talent equivalent to a bachelor's degree or even higher. Exceptionally on-the-job training might be necessary for addition to the formal requisite (ANZSCO Skill Level 1). For instance, at least five years of relevant experience with an appropriate official approval certification may substitute for the conventional qualification.



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